Using Different Types Of Wall Tiles

Tiles have been used to enhance the beauty of the walls of different parts of Australia, be it Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide. The reason is that the tiles Adelaide have become one of the most reliable and affordable options for beautification of residential as well as commercial spaces. Many companies manufacture and supply different kinds of wall tiles in Australia. Therefore, it is essential that before choosing one company, you should have an idea about what kind of tiles you are looking for, the prices offered by them, and their delivery and installation services.

tiles AdelaideApart from ceramic wall tiles, there are also other kinds of wall tiles available in the market. These include ceramic glazed tiles, natural stone tiles, marble tiles, and mosaic tiles. Each of these has its features, advantages and drawbacks. To help you decide upon the type of wall tiles, you will purchase, let us discuss some of their pros and cons.

Ceramic wall tiles are popular as they are pretty affordable. They are resistant to heat and stain, and however, they may break easily. Ceramic tiles Adelaide are also very hard-wearing. Marble tiles are used in bathtubs and kitchens to give a stern look and feel to the area. Natural stone tiles are used extensively in homes and public spaces because they are stylish, attractive and affordable. Some of the prominent examples of natural stone tiles available in the market include sandstone, limestone and travertine tiles.

Mosaic tiles are also popular because they are easy to install, cheap and come in a wide variety of colours. The best thing about these tiles is that they require minimum maintenance and are not prone to damages. Marble tiles come in different types, including ivory, white, sandstone and slate. These tiles are perfect for use on walls as they have a timeless and elegant look. Slate tiles have become very popular in homes as they are hard-wearing, attractive and affordable.

Sandstone wall tiles are a bit more expensive than other types, but they are unique and require minimum maintenance. Travertine wall tiles Adelaide are made of finely ground sand, and the tiles are imprinted with natural designs. If you want something beautiful, then you can’t ignore marble. These are not only beautiful, but they are also durable. Some of the examples of travertine include agate, red, purple, tan and yellow.

Homeowners who want to renovate their homes can opt for wood wall tiles. Wood provides an excellent look, and it is the most inexpensive way of installing flooring. These wall tiles are easy to install, and if you take proper care of them, they can last for decades. You can find lots of samples at home improvement stores and on the Internet. Pine wall tiles are also ubiquitous as they are affordable and have a natural charm.