What is a Chainsaw Chain Sharpener?

The chainsaw chain sharpener is used to sharpen the teeth of your chain saw at various levels. When you use this chainsaw for heavy-duty chopping and trimming large branches or tree trunks, you will have to sharpen the chainsaw’s teeth regularly. Since you will gradually lose the initial blade sharpness even after repeated use, it reduces the saw’s cutting efficiency significantly. That is why it is important to invest in a good chain-sensing sharpening tool that can give you back-links and blunt-tipped nicks to the blades so that you can continue to use your chainsaw to its fullest potential.


The following types of chainsaw chain sharpener are available from www.adelaidetools.com.au: the conventional chain sharpener; the diamond-studded chainsaw chain sharpener; and the buffalo tools ergonomic chain sharpener and grinder. The diamond-studded chainsaw chain sharpener functions using a ball bearing and diamond hone; and uses either one or two diamond points spaced apart at 90 degrees instead of a full circle. The diamond-studded chainsaw chain sharpener features the diamond points in a way that enables it to be mounted in the chuck, even while it is sitting on an angle. The diamond sharpens only the teeth and not the entire chain, making it much safer than other chainsaws.-quality stainless steel and is extremely easy to maintain. This sharpener accepts carbide and stainless steel chainsaw keys and makes them interchangeable among different chainsaws.


The chuck and blade assembly is supported by a heavy-duty steel carrying handle. The chain and sharpener are conveniently placed inside the handle and can be activated with one hand. The tool has an automatic lubrication system that allows it to run smoothly without interrupting the blades cutting process. The chuck and blade assembly is fully covered by a two-year warranty.


The ergonomic design is intended for ease of use. It includes a pre-mounted adapter kit, eliminating the need for additional adapters or tools to support the saw chain. The tools are easily accessible for top access, which reduces on clutter. It also includes a safety lock for additional safety. The detailed instructions come with every model.


In contrast to its electric counterpart, this chainsaw chain sharpener does not require the use of any external power supply. Instead, it accepts a standard 9V battery from most manufacturers. To sharpen the blade, simply remove the handle, detach the blade from the saw blade, and put the new, sharpened handle on the old blade. Some brands include an option for a printable diamond style grinding wheel. This option is available separately.